Priyans, your exeprience seems like the longest nightmare to me. But a good vauable information this is for MG EV owners.

Is it ok you can share contacts for MG People you interacted. I get my vehicle serviced in Bangalore, Yelahanka. Contacts others will help in future., I hope I don't wanna experience such issues and I hope HG will come with some fix to address this where it can be done remotely with help of RSA.



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Thanks for sharing your experience Priyans. Can you pl share the communities you reached out during this ordeal as well. Will help us incase we face something similar. Have shared your experience with MG folks on social media as well. Hope they will work on your ideas & will smoothen experience of early adopters. Thanks

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1st and foremost, did u eat the world famous dosa in davangere !!!

2nd, did you download the remapping software or setup ware on your laptop. and get the cable required to do this urself [along with other edits] as and when required - i know from friends in skoda do this

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